October 14, 2021 to March 7, 2022

Connectify – Instagram Automation Tool

The Project

  • Designing user dashboard
  • Designing an exclusive control panel
  • Visual workflow representation
  • Responsive UI/UX

The Challenges

Designing a user interface that seamlessly controls of an automation tool, presenteda significant challenge. Balancing the need for engaging visual representations ofautomated workflows with clear and uncluttered design, ensuring intuitive controlover automation features, and enabling smooth integration across mobile deviceswere key challenges encountered during the project.

The Outcome

The UI design for Connectify delivered an engaging and intuitive platform formanaging Instagram automation tasks. By providing a user-friendly dashboard,intuitive automation controls, visually representative workflow elements, andcohesive mobile integration, Connectify's UI empowered users to seamlesslynavigate and control their automation endeavors on Instagram.

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