October 14, 2021 to March 7, 2022

DroitLab – Agency Branding

The Project

  • Modern agency website UI
  • Compact and attractive elements
  • Interactive portfolio display
  • Consistent branding

The Challenges

As a design agency known for its creative works, Droit Agency required a website that not only served as its virtual storefront but also as a demonstration to its design capabilities. DroitLab faced the challenge of translating Droit Agency's brand value sand aesthetic appeal into a distinctive and functional UI design that captures the Droit Agency Site Content 6essence of its work. The site needed to showcase Droit Agency's extensive portfolio in a compelling way, enticing prospective clients. Importantly, the UI must remain intuitive and user-friendly, despite the complex creative content, to ensure a seamless user experience (UX) that mirrors the agency's professional values in design thinking and strategy.

The Outcome

Droit Agency's UI/UX redesign had an immediate and profound impact. There fashioned website stands as a paragon of exceptional design, emphasizing Droit Agency's capacity for crafting unparalleled visual journeys. We achieved an interactive and engaging platform that showcases Droit Agency's portfolio innovatively and effectively, leading to increased engagement and longer visit duration. The new design also improved the overall user experience, which contributed to a lower bounce rate and an increase in inquiries from potential clients.

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