EComposer – Landing Page Builder For Shopify

The Project

  • Designing drag n drop page builder interface of Ecomposer
  • Designing “Extensions” page along with other workflow
  • Designing “Libraries” page showing ready page templates
  • Designing landing page of Ecomposer

The Challenges

When DroitLab took on the Ecomposer project, the main challenge was creating a UI/UX design that would not only be visually appealing but also simplify the complex process of building a landing page builder. The design needed to accommodate a diverse user base, from beginners to advanced marketers, and provide a frictionless experience from start to finish. Crafting a balance between a rich feature set and maintaining an uncluttered interface was intricate work. DroitLab focused on user flows and iterative testing to ensure that the design choices made were backed by solid data and user feedback, leading to an interface that felt natural to navigate.

The Outcome

After the launch, Ecomposer saw an impressive increase in user retention rates, indicating that the interface was not only attractive but also functionally superior. Client satisfaction was exceptionally high, with the Ecomposer team noting that the designs delivered by DroitLab significantly outperformed their expectations. The success of the Ecomposer UI/UX design illustrates DroitLab's commitment to detail and their ability to transform user experience challenges into compelling digital products.

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