October 14, 2021 to March 7, 2022

Haramain – A Sunnah Based e-Commerce Platform

The Project

  • Designed the e-Com UI from A to Z
  • Branding tone-colors integration
  • Interactive data visualization
  • User-focused interactive elements

The Challenges

Incorporating sunnah-based products within the design while ensuring culturalsensitivity and respect was a paramount challenge. Balancing an aestheticallypleasing presentation of diverse products, maintaining a cohesive visual language,accommodating an intuitive and efficient checkout process, and balancing effortlessuser navigation were pivotal challenges encountered during the design process.

The Outcome

The UI design for Haramain achieved a harmonious fusion of cultural aesthetics andmodern usability, effectively showcasing sunnah-based products engagingly andrespectfully. After the UI renovation by DroitLab, Haramain e-Commerce receivedmore traffic and user engagement on their website.

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