October 14, 2021 to March 7, 2022

Panel Rank – A Brand Management Suite

The Project

  • Designing exclusive Web UI
  • Designing Client panel and Admin Panel
  • Designing advanced Analytics
  • Responsive Layout

The Challenges

DroitLab was assigned the important mission of designing the user interface for Panel Rank, the premier suite of brand management and promotion services. The objective was to create a UI that not just encapsulated the core values of Panel Rank but also catered to the practical needs of its users. DroitLab focused on developing an interface that would streamline complex brand management tasks into an engaging and intuitive user experience, ultimately enabling clients to navigate and utilize Panel Rank’s extensive services with ease and efficiency.

The Outcome

The outcome of DroitLab's design efforts was a clean, modern, and responsive UI for Panel Rank. The core features and information were strategically placed for intuitive navigation, making powerful brand management tools accessible to all levels of users. The visual design seamlessly incorporated Panel Rank’s branding, resonating with its position as a leader in brand management services. Ultimately, DroitLab delivered a UI that not only met the functional demands of brand promotion but also enhanced the overall user engagement

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