October 14, 2021 to March 7, 2022

Showwcase – Social Media Website for Developers

The Project

  • Interactive Wireframing
  • User Interface Prototyping
  • Designing the “Newsfeed”
  • Created the Design System

The Challenges

When DroitLab designed the UI/UX for Showwcase, we had to make an environmentthat met the users' technical and professional needs of the developers. The taskwasn't just making it look good; it was also making a platform that made it easy forpeers to network, learn, and share. DroitLab made a user experience that fit the coreof the developer process by going through several versions and working closely withdeveloper focus groups.

The Outcome

The work that DroitLab did led to a lively and interesting social media site thatdevelopers loved because it was the right mix of professional networking andworking together on technology. This was made possible by purpose-driven designdecisions and easy navigation. The powerful yet easy-to-use design of Showwcasehas been praised, and it has been a key factor in its growth. It was clear from thesuccess of the platform that DroitLab was dedicated to knowing and meeting thespecific needs of the developer community.

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